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Richard Mulder

Entering the skateboard circuit at the age of 14, Richard Mulder is one of the most vital and fresh skaters on the scene today.

Born in West Covina, CA, Richard grew up in the Badlands, about 45 minutes east of Los Angeles.

He remembers starting when he was ten years old in a time when skateboarding as a whole was on the decline.

"It was the late 80s and it was a time of transition for the sport, my mom would drive me around to contests and skate spots" he says, "I would then meet skaters from other parts of California."

Richard continued to skate as the skateboard scene was at a point when boards and wheels became steadily smaller. A natural, he describes early tricks as "coming really easy for me."

Shorty thereafter the sessions and the meetings would pay off with in a sponsorship with Chocolate Skateboards in 1994. The then upstart company was co-owned by future indie film darling Spike Jonze. Jonze cut his teeth creating legendary skate videos featuring the Chocolate team before moving on to feature films.

Several of Jonze lensed videos, "Yeah Right", "Mouse" and the "Chocolate Tour" would set the standard for skating videos. Richard quickly became known for his style of technical tricks that he says grew out of the innovative switchstance skateboarding. "I like skateboarding because like an artist, you can paint the canvas." he says, "It's individual expression."

One year later however, Richard would make another acquaintance that would change his life.

"I ran into Jesus in 1994, and my life has never been the same since." he says,"Like King David, who served his generation by the will of God, I have a heart to serve my generation by living for God."

Although Richard's been living in Orange County for the past four years, God has brought him to over 19 nations for skateboarding and the preaching of the Gospel.

"Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possesion." Richard qoutes.

Currently Richard is sponsored by Hosoi Skates, Nike, Thunder Trucks, Diamond Hardware, Skaterade, and Stussy. He points to his relationship with Chocolate as a certain point of achievement. In a world where pro skaters change sponsors as often as most people change their shoes, Richard's eleven years with the company is no small accomplishment.

"It's really an honor to be a part of Nike as well." he says.

Richard was one of the first skateboarders to be offered an endorsement deal by the athletic shoe giant. In recent times, Richard has been assisting in Marantha/Calvary Chapel's annual Missions trip to Ireland and Wales and a Victory Bible College Missions trip to El Savador and Guatemala.

He has also been seen at the Luis Palau Pudget sound festival alongside Jud Farmboy Heald, Anthony Carney, Scott Yamamura, Lance Mountain and Salman Agah.